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Sourcing / Purchasing

Product research

With extensive experience sourcing operations throughout Vietnam, we are capable of conducting all the necessary research into your desired products for you.
We send you samples to be sure that the results of our research match perfectly with your expectations.
We ensure strict quality control, packaging and shipping of your products.

Manufacturer and supplier research

We identify, assess and select the most suitable manufacturers for your product specifications.
We help you negotiate with Vietnamese production sites in accordance with your requirements.
We act as your local contact and liaison from manufacturing through to export.
We represent you and your interests with Vietnamese manufacturers and are available to intervene on your behalf at all times during all phases of production while also monitoring ongoing quality.

Site audit

Depending on your requirements:
We provide you with as much information as possible regarding the status, production capacity and expertise of targeted companies.
We allow you to better understand their structure, ownership, production capacity and how they operate in order to help you identify potential partners.

Accompanying you on prospecting trips

We support you while visiting suppliers, factories and previously identified potential production sites.
We help guide negotiations with Vietnamese partners.
We organize all the logistical requirements for meetings, site tours and negotiations.
We aim to arrange meetings with several potential partners in each region during a short time period to help you make the most out of your trip to Vietnam.

Sourcing / Purchasing:

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