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  • Local prospecting
  • Liaising with local authorities
  • Presentation and product demonstration
  • Exchange of expertise
  • Security auditing
  • Product research
  • Manufacturer sourcing and monitoring of production
  • Production site auditing
  • Touring and review of Vietnamese factories
  • Agent in Vietnam & South East Asia
  • Representative in Vietnam & South East Asia


Based in Hanoi, GEROC provides on-the-ground assistance for companies looking to enter the Vietnamese or wider South East Asia markets. Using our extensive local knowledge and business networks, we will work directly with you to develop a strategy tailored to your requirements and geared towards helping you achieve your goals. Our areas of expertise include:

Prospect / Sourcing – Feasibility studies – Quality control
Representation / project management
Cross border collaboration, training and exchange of expertise…,
Purchasing, import and export.

GEROC offers:
A location in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic economic areas,
The international expertise of a combined French-Vietnamese team,
Strong local business networks,
A reliable, rigorous and effective approach, whatever the project.

GEROC: Your mobile, active & motivated partner

Gilbert GENEY

Gilbert has been living in Hanoi for over twelve years. Before co-founding GEROC, he had a distinguished 35 year career with the French Military and the French Ministry of Defence.
During this time he spent more than 20 years in various roles working directly in the
international relations which took him to such locations as Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Africa and North & South America. His diplomatic postings have included:

French embassy in Stockholm, Sweden (1994-1997),
French embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam (2002-2005),

In 2005, Gilbert left the military but remained in Hanoi where he took on a role representing several French companies with business interests in Vietnam.
Realising that there was a mismatch between the huge opportunities presented by the Vietnamese market and the relative lack of on-the-ground support organisations with local business knowledge to assist foreign firms, Gilbert co-founded GEROC Ltd in 2011 to fulfil just this role.

Daniel ROSSI
Directeur Général

Daniel spent more than 30 rich and active years serving the French Defence force, with his career taking on two phases:
Active field duty – Command positions, battlefield training and live military operations.
International relations – Several embassy postings with a focus on multinational cooperation.

In 2011, Daniel left his position at the French Embassy in Hanoi to co-found GEROC Ltd. Since then, Daniel has invested his dynamism and rigour into developing GEROC’s capabilities for onsite support, international trade and development assistance.

Pleased to meet you soon to confidently and efficiently raise your development in Vietnam and throughout ASEAN.

We Offer


In Hanoi, ideally positioned for touring throughout South East Asia.


Independent and 100% foreign owned SARL (Limited Liability Company).

A mixed team

A complementary team of French managers who have been present in Asia for several years and Vietnamese employees.


Expertise in international relations expertise and knowledge of cultures allows us to promote and strengthen ties between Europe and Asia.


Strong relationships with the local and regional business communities, as well as key institutions (embassies, and related services, International Chamber of Commerce etc.).



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